Foam Flooring for Home Gyms, Pro Martial Arts, Kids Rooms, Basement Floors

Foam mats and interlocking foam floor mats are great for hard basement floors and to transform any flooring surface into a safe, soft and durable exercise or play area. Choose a variety of colors and design patterns including wood grain from our extensive line of interlocking foam mats designed for all use types. Use foam mats for kids playrooms, home exercise floors and martial arts training. We offer commercial grades of foam mats for professional athletic flooring installations. We offer all types of foam mats and interlocking foam flooring available on the market. Foam mats are stocked for immediate next day shipment in large quantities and in many styles of foam and colors.

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Home foam mats for martial arts and home training rooms are availabe in 2x2 ft interlocking foam tiles that are easy to ship via ground delivery service to your door. We offer home martial arts mats in foam tiles in many thicknesses and as a 5x10 foot home roll out foam mat with a vinyl top. Home martial arts foam floor tiles are the same high quality and durable foam flooring material that we sell for professional martial arts foam floors and are designed for easy home installation where a smaller space for home training and practice is required.

Foam floor tiles for home use are often referred to as EVA foam puzzle mats, or interlocking foam tiles. The label mat vs tile is commonly used interchangably. Whether a mat or a tile, all of our 2x2 foot foam flooring units are interlocking in nature and most are offered with 2 border strips, which mats installation easy. We also offer a personal sized 24x55 inch exercise mat that is easy to roll up and store or transport when not in use. For kids playmats we offer an interlocking 36 piece ABC 123 foam floor tile package, consisting of A-Z and 0-9 and each piece is 1x1 foot in size.

Foam mats that are interlocking in style are easy to install, simply lay the foam tiles out on the floor and interlock them together. The foam tiles are easy to cut to fit for wall to wall installations using a sharp utility knife. Measure twice and cut once, we recommend using a long straight edge as a guide during cutting, in any case the foam tiles will cut like butter with a sharp blade, if the foam material starts to fray when cutting, then you know its time to use a new blade.

Foam flooring is a common martial arts floor type. Interlocking foam mats are called puzzle mats in the industry. We carry a complete line of stocked interlocking floor floor tiles for martial arts of all types including; karate mats, MMA mats, Judo mats, Grappling mats, BJJ foam mats, TKD interlocking foam mats and foam flooring for Judo training. Faom floor tiles are also used in combative training for police and security training facilities in offices and institutions nationwide. Consider our martial arts foam flooring from 7/8 to 1-5/8 inch thickness, all are 1x1 meter in size and come with four border strips per mat.

Foam tiles designed to offer a soft yet durable flooring system where an easy to install and portable flooring is needed. Consider a foam tile floor system for a multi-purpose room in a YMCA or a professional martial arts facility. Home users will find the perfect colors and thickness for many rooms in the home including; kids playrooms, basement floors to cover hard concrete, garage floors in front of work benches and in kids rooms. Foam tiles will create a safe and soft floor space in any location.

We offer foam mats for flooring installations from 2x2 ft to 1x1 meter interlocking foam mats and foam tiles for many home and commercial installations. Foam mats are offered in thicknesses from 1/2 inch to 1-5/8 inch and virtually every thickness in between. Our 1/2 inch economy interlocking foam floor tiles are available in three colors, while our 1 5/8 inch professional interlocking grappling and judo mats are offered in six colors.

Foam flooring is offered here for informational purposes, please contact us for free sample of foam flooring.